Real Estate Consulting


Our team’s analytical skills and experience allow for the concentrated study of every facet of a property. RRA ensures that every transaction has been researched and analyzed to the fullest extent possible.

- Pro Forma Cash Flow Analysis
- Land Residual Analysis
- Feasibility Studies
- Financial Reporting
- Transaction Structuring


We work closely with public and private real estate owners and investors to design, implement and execute sophisticated real estate strategies aimed at unlocking value and minimizing risk.

- Property Disposition Strategies
- Negotiation Support
- Developer Selection
- Portfolio Review
- Evaluating Development Proposals


For the last decade steadily rising real estate values covered-up deficiencies in due diligence that was all too often packaged for quick sale, overly simplified and far from diligent. An era of tighter real estate markets mandates a level of due diligence that is thorough and held to the highest standards. RRA views due diligence as an irreplaceable skill for all market participants, and our seasoned professionals are committed to the speedy yet effective production of thorough, meaningful, and thoughtful due diligence that provides clients with fresh perspectives and solutions.

- Initial Property Inspection & Assessment
- Financial Analysis
- Operating Statement Due Diligence
- Economic / Market Due Diligence
- Negotiation & Term Sheet Support
- Manage Physical Evaluation (PCA) & Environmental Assessment Process (Phase 1)
- Counterparty Vetting
- Confirmation of Land Use Assumptions and Opportunities
- Title Search for Mechanics & Materialmen's Liens / Final Lien Release
- Lease Audit & Estoppel Letter Collection
- Utility Deposit Transfer & Confirmation
- Staff Augmentation


The changing economy's impact on loan positions and real estate hard assets, is forcing many investors to consider strategies that were merely theoretical contingencies when the assets were originally underwritten. Often these strategies involve physically taking back properties or assuming the position of defaulted borrowers or JV partners. Exercising these remedies for the purpose of asset preservation requires a commitment of time and focus that diverts from our client's ability to pursue other more profitable opportunities. RRA provides clients with the ability to maintain their focus on new opportunities with the confidence that the preservation and maximization of challenged asset values will be pursued by individuals with experience and dedication.

- Property Takeover Strategy & Asset Value Preservation
- Turnaround Business Plan Development
- Foreclosure & Deed-in-Lieu Strategies
- Securing Property Revenues & Implementing Expense Controls
- Assessment of Property Management, Staff, Policies & Procedures
- Method & Schedule for Disposition or Refinance
- Business Plan Execution & Reporting
- Risk Management
- Lien Identification & Negotiation
- Government & Code Compliance Mitigation
- Insurance Transition Management & Proceeds Collection
- Appointment of Receiver Support
- Staff Augmentation


Our network of relationships and solutions-based asset management brings best practices to bear on a variety of real estate asset management assignments. Leveraging RRA to perform asset management functions allows our clients to concentrate on their highest value added core competencies.

- Business/Property Plans
- Selection of Property Manager & Staffing
- Creation of Operating Budget, Reporting Methods, Targets & Incentives for Performance
- Regular Oversight of Managers, Staff & Vendors
- Create Cash Management Controls for Bank Accounts, Security Deposits, Rental Revenue & Expense Disbursement
- Capital Expenditure Plans
- Leasing Plans
- Asset Evaluation & Strategy
- Refinancing & Disposition
- Best Practices & Benchmarking
- Identify Property Tax Reassessment Opportunities
- Staff Augmentation


RRA’s research ranges from evaluations of existing market information to detailed project-specific market forecast to help determine optimum product types, absorption, and pricing.

- Market Studies
- Demographic Profiling
- Property Positioning
- Product & Pricing Recommendations
- Highest & Best Use Studies


As our economy changes, once thriving industrial, retail or military facilities become obsolete and in need of redevelopment and reintegration into a community’s current needs and future vision. These properties are often situated in prime locations and can become extremely valuable both from a financial and a community development standpoint. RRA has significant experience with large-scale, complex property reuse, and understands the steps required to calculate the current and potential value of these unique assets.

- Urban Revitalization
- Public/Private Joint Ventures
- Environmental Sites
- Affordable Housing
- Military Base Reuse